10 Best Websites for Online Courses

Education helps us to learn new skills and techniques. And the learning process is not limited to a student or regular learners. Sometimes we need to acquire new skills or need to update our previous knowledge on a subject. But sometimes we want to learn but cannot get a better place to achieve that. However, the learning process is varied from people to people. Some people are love to learn by reading books, and some people understand better from lecture or voice instruction.

In this case, online courses, especially video courses are beneficial to acquire the necessary knowledge about any topic. Here I am going to share some useful websites that can help you to boost your computer or office skills and also you can introduce to learn new topics.

Lynda.com: A monthly subscription-based video course library where you can access any course by spending $25 a month. Here you can find more than 80,000 courses and videos on various topics.

Coursera: A leading online coursing service partnered with leading U.S and other worldwide Universities. Recently, they launched a new specialized service that provides some specialized certificates on a subject by completing some courses and applying it to a final project.

Udemy:  A Complete and well-framed Course by Course based directory, where you can complete any course and achieve new skills. But the cost is a bit higher than its other competitors.

Khan Academy: A precious free online Education resource founded by Salman Khan. Here you can find more than 4000 educational videos covering any topics from finance to arts and animation. It is a non-profit website, and all of these courses are free of cost.

Tuts+: Tutsplus.com is focusing on Creative skills. However, they have a big collection of written tutorials. The price of Tutsplus.com is the lowest from other paid online services, but they provide some excellent and helpful course for E-learners.

Udacity: The primary goal of Udacity is offering the best knowledge and concept of technology to the Business Professionals. Their classes are 3-9 months long and a great place to grow a skill on a particular subject. Their data science program is now very important for business-minded people.

Skillshare: Skillshare is a community-based learning platform where people can do both of teaching or learning a new skill. You can take free classes or some premium class around $20 or $30 without membership. But the top classes that are instructed by the industry leader is available with a monthly subscription of $9.95.

Codecademy: A dedicated online service to teach people how to code. An excellent core for beginners who want to learn to code with HTML, CSS with PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. from the sketch. The systemic process of teaching is user-friendly and very useful. You can learn the basics of various web languages and can practice it immediately by using this platform.

Bloc: Intensively focusing on quick learners, Bloc provides a high-quality learning program for the individuals who want to change their career into a new skill. The course price is also high, according to the quality. This Learning platform is mainly focusing on web and UI, UX design and development. The pricing for every course starts from $4,999 whether you choose one to the five-time pricing plan.

General Assembly: Though the General Assembly is not a content-rich online educational resource, luckily it has some standard design and technology-related courses that you can grab for $1000+. It’s a NY based educational who have some handful option for remote learners.

Now, it is up to you whether you chose a free or paid option to learn a new skill remotely. But I suggest you test some free resources first to justify your learning skill on a topic to figure out the efficient method and quality.