10 ways to socialize your blog post on the key social platforms

Blogging is one of the best ways to create a strong online presence about any topic. No matter, what’s your blogging topic is, you may want to build your targeted audience by fair means or foul. Many bloggers use some popular social media websites to catch their targeted audience. But some of them are don’t know or at least ignore the best practices of social media in their primary stage. But it is essential to focus on these matters while you are going to share or socialize your blog post on some major social media websites.

People mainly use 6 social platforms to publicize their blog posts:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google+
  4. Linkedin
  5. Youtube
  6. Pinterest

All of them seem very similar, but they lunch from different aspects. If you have a good eye to focus on the details, you can notice the difference very quickly.

For Example:

  1. Facebook: This website mainly focuses on the day to day happenings of personal life.
  2. Twitter: You can notify your current thoughts by 140 words on
  3. Google+: Make different circles to share your personal and professional stories
  4. Linkedin: To share professional reflections, event, opportunities and the current position of working
  5. Youtube: Video broadcasting about any events or topics.
  6. Pinterest: An ample space for sharing photos about any topics and interests.

I think you are now able to understand why they are so popular in different aspects. There are many other similar websites, but they have not gained the market of popularity as the above websites are done so far. Now, we are going to talk about the 10 best practices that we can use to socialize our Blog post about any topics.

  1. Keep focusing on the keyword: first of all, it is necessary to concentrate on the main keyword of your topics. Troubling to find keyword? Just ask yourself that, what people can use in one word while they are searching for your items? Now you can use these keywords as hashtags or tags to keep your posts stand alone from the crowd.
  2. Write an interesting but short description: Yes, it is important for all the key social platforms to draw the attention of people that what you are going to share with them. You can place your blog link after the word read more or learn more at the end of the post but you can’t use this method on Twitter. In twitter, you can use some words to make people interested in your topics plus your post link. All of them need to be placed within 140 words.
  3. Keep an eye on the current trends of the hashtag: Sometimes hashtag trends are cross the boundary of the keyword. So you must focus on these exceptional hashtags to draw attention to a lot of
  4. Mention: mentioning other peoples and accounts are good when it is not spammy. If you want to mention people using their username make sure that it brings value to them. Without any reason mentioning is not welcomed and considered as spam.
  5. Welcome your new followers: As a master of home or party you may welcome your new followers and thanks to them for sharing your content.
  6. Make a list, community or groups: It is an important factor to build targeted audiences. You can either create your own groups or join an existed group or community to share your posts. The grouping process is a bit different on YouTube and Twitter. You can make a list on Twitter or subscribe to others list. And you may create a video playlist on YouTube about similar topics or as a serial of your own video.
  7. Try to share original and engaging photos: Study has shown that social posts with at least 1 winning photos are 5 times more clicked than an average post without any pictures. So try to share your posts with at least one beautiful photo. You can use engaging custom thumbnails for YouTube videos.
  8. Creating an album about specific topics: Yes, creating a new album about some specific issues on Facebook and Google+ can drive some targeted views and likes. This process is a bit different in Pinterest, and you can create different boards for grouping photos and pictures.
  9. Creating events or photo contests: Sometimes you can encourage your audience to participate in photo contests and make some posts by featuring their photos.
  10. Enjoining Social media’s each other: It is an excellent way to keep your social profile’s link with one another. You can also feature some active social buttons on your blog to easy access to your social profiles.

I think these social media practices are beneficial to build your social media audience repeatedly. However, you can also find your own way of engaging people if you are able to focus on your audience’s interest. No more today!