3 Easy Ways to Create URL Redirect From Old Website to New Website

Creating a URL Redirect is Essential for SEO

Today, we will talk about 3 Easy Ways to Create URL Redirect From Old Website to New Website. If you want to move your website from an old domain name to a new domain name, you will find it handy for you. Creating a URL redirect is a wonderful idea, if you get a new domain name for your business that is most relevant than the current domain name.

But, you may have some technical knowledge (e.g., how to backup files and database and uploading in a new domain root) to perform this operation.

If you create a URL redirect from your old website to a new website, it does not harm your old SEO strategy.

But if you don’t do this, you may face some issues after setting up your website. These issues are:

  1. Your visitor or customers can’t find your site using your old domain name. By the way, it’s ruining your website’s reputation.
  2. You may lose many potential customers and visitors.
  3. It can damage or destroy the page rank that you gain by the old domain name.
  4. You may lose a lot of backlinks that is related to your old domain.
  5. After all, it is very harmful to your online presence and business reputation.

To avoid this situation, you can redirect your old domain to a new domain using these techniques:

Method 1:  Every domain root has a .htaccess file whether it is Apache or cPanel. Find the .htaccess file from your old domain root and add the codes below:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.newdomain.com/$1 [L,R=301]

Read the Ultimate Guide to .htaccess and mod_rewrite to learn more about .htaccess command.

Method 2: If you are afraid to work with codes than you can use the domain forwarding option. Here’s the work through that you can use from your control panel.

Control Panel settings from GoDaddy

Find out the “URL redirects” button from your web hosting control panel. And follow their instruction to create a redirect as directed from the website.

Hosting panel from your server (in our case it is Godaddy)

But make sure that your domain name exists with the same account of your hosting service. You cannot perform this operation if your domain name provides a different account or service. In this situation, you may need to access your domain control panel to create a custom redirect.

Method 3: Go to your domain name settings page and find the “Forwarding” option. Point up the old domain with a new domain by “manage” button.


Save the change and lock it to avoid further change.

These three techniques are well-known for URL redirect. Many web SEO and technical experts are using this method to redirect their old domain to a new domain.

If your comfortable with the technical work and need any help to create URL redirect for your website, you can contact us. We are here to help you do it right.

I hope you’ll find this info useful to make a successful redirect. Thanks for reading and stay with us. Don’t forget to connect via social media or drop an email below to subscribe for further read.

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