6 Essential Tricks of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop 6 Technique

Adobe Photoshop is the No.1 choice for designers, especially graphics and web designers. This tutorial is aiming for the people who want to learn Adobe Photoshop and want to know the basics of Photoshop. Long descriptions are awful and hard to follow, so I am going to keep it as short as possible. Here we talk about the six essential tricks of Adobe Photoshop that you can use to make any shapes.

Let’s start the practice from the beginning. Set up a new document as the height 500px and width 500px. And name it Practice.

Document Settings of Adobe Photoshop

1. Usage of Selection tools: Now we are going to create 3 100×100 Circle using the Ellipse tool. You can see the all necessary setting of the ellipse by just clicking on the “properties button” from the right corner of the window.

Properties Panel of Adobe Photoshop

Make sure to check the auto-select option, and the selection type should be “Group.”

Toolbar of Adobe Photoshop

2. Usage of Duplicate option: Now, duplicate the Ellipse Layer and move it slightly and repeat the process until creating three circles. Press the shift key and select the three circles by clicking on them. And click on the “Distribute horizontal center” button. The green marked button.

Alignment tools from Toolbar of Adobe Photoshop

3. Usage of Groups: Now, let’s create a group. Keep the 3 Layers selected and click on the group button, and they are now grouping under a folder.

Layers Panel of Adobe Photoshop

4. Usage of Move: Rename the group as “three circle-1” and duplicate the group once again and move the shape to the upper corner of the document using the arrow key. Select all layers and replace the circles at the center.

Center Align of Adobe Photoshop

5. Usage of Align button: Move it down a little bit, so the group of the circles is placing at the center point. And click on the fourth Align button.

Final Result6. Usage of Text Layers: And here is one more process. Select the text tools and write down the operation that we take to create these circles and enjoin the circles with the line tool. Now we finished and here is the final look of six circles.

Final Result with Text

Oh, I forget to tell you one more thing! The image looks unnecessarily tall. So we cut the edge by using crop tools. And now it looks pretty good!

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Keep learning and see you in the next tutorial!