A Quick Overview of Learning Management Systems

LMS or Learning Management System is a widely adopted technology in the Educational Industry. By this system, you can grow up your skill or complete a course from wherever you want. This concept is multi-beneficial for both learners and course instructor.

Using this system, a course instructor can save a lot of time and money as well, and a student can understand a topic very clearly and efficiently. In traditional classrooms, a course instructor can feel bothered while a student asks a question more than once, but in this system, you can repeat your course topics until you understand the subject very clearly.

We are going to talk about four beautiful and super flexible LMS Themes for WordPress that can gear up your next assignment to build an LMS website.

So let’s start the discussion!


Guru is a professional premium WordPress Theme for the professional Instructor who wants to build an LMS website with WordPress and would like to use the power of Sensei (An excellent LMS Plugin Made by Woothemes).

This theme not only provides an excellent and professional E-learning System but also presented a clean, professional, responsive design that can cover any device whether a laptop, tablet or smartphone.



Another dominant LMS theme for WordPress. By using the Academy, you can create courses very quickly and monitor the learning progress. Students can achieve a certificate for course completion, and each session can display a pricing option individually.



LMS provides all the resources and features that you need to organize a learning management system. It also combined with a great design and looked as well as all necessary tools and Integrations that will make attractive and give extra quality to your online courses. Not only the look, but it also has a detailed orientation of course files and classifications that help your visitors to choose the right courses.



A newly released and updated themes for learning management system. The Appearance of this theme is bold and attractive for any LMS Website and systemize all useful things elegantly and cleanly. So the users can find out their desired courses very quickly and easily.


Okay, we are at the end of our journey. And I think you already get a basic idea about LMS Themes that can potentially open a new era of our traditional learning system and can boost the advantage of the E-learning system.