A Simple Learning Guide For Webdesign

Web design is a set of skills and knowledge that is required to create and maintain web properties. Today’s world actually depends on website or web related interfaces for many purposes. So, it is a very popular profession in the current world. There are several types of position’s are available in the Web design industry. According to the different areas or needs, they pick the perfect candidates. Usually, a website can maintain by some people who know:

  • Web Graphics Design/Web design
  • Web Interface Design
  • User experience design
  • Web authoring or coding
  • Technical SEO

Let me explain to them so you can get a perfect picture of Web design. And then proceed to make a successful plan:

Web Graphics Design

The world of Graphics design is full of color. And you can rock in this world if you know how to make excellent looks for a website and make it pixel-perfect by coding. Without the knowledge of coding, you can’t make the perfect design that can convert into a successful site.

Besides this, you must have high creativity and a choice to define the best things to build a virtual world for users. Web Graphics Design depends on Graphics Design. You don’t have to be a master on it to creating excellent design. But you must have the perfect understanding of the design and a clear concept on Graphics Design.

A Graphics Designer can make the perfect design for websites if he/she understand the interface. To become a successful Web designer you don’t have first-class coding skills. A Graphics Designer can use his/her imagination to make a website layout. Before doing that you need to know how a website works and what is necessary to make a different look from others.

Turning the original mockup into a pixel perfect design is the work of a web developer where he/she struggled to give life to the graphical plan to make the design of the website user-friendly. You can design a website using simple graphics software even using windows default paint software.

But the final result is actually up to your creativity. If you don’t have the basic skills in Adobe Photoshop or similar kinds of tools, the design process will be getting harder for you, or you cannot figure out the right design. Here we are going through a simple web design tutorials for a one-page spa website.

You can simply practice these tutorials for creating the exact design or use these techniques for another model. The primary goal is learning some essential methods by Adobe Photoshop which can be useful for further web design work.

Setup a Local Server
Set up a website with WordPress
Planning a Theme Design
Create a PSD File: Part-1
Create a PSD File: Part-2
Create a PSD File: Part-3