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How to create vector eyes using Illustrator

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Creating a detailed vector eye is not easy. If you want to create realistic vector eyes, you may have to add many layers for perfect shape and tone. By following this tutorial, you can be able to create a near natural image using some easy techniques. Here I am going to describe step by step tutorial to make a pair of eyes…so you can easily understand it. Let’s start the easy techniques to make vector eyes using Illustrator.

Step-1: Grab the pen tool and create the eye shape and liner both. You can also use an ellipse for this purpose and resize it as needed by convert Anchor Point tool and pen tool.

Step-2: Make the eyeliner using the pen tool.

Step-3: Create an ellipse and fill it with radial gradient color. Adjust the position of gradient shapes. For creating the pupil, use star shape with 30 corners.

Step-4: Align both shapes horizontally and vertically so they can fit together. Press Ctrl+G to group them together.
Classroom in a bookStep 5: Create another ellipse and fill it with a shade of black color. Place it at the middle point of the eyeball.

Step-6: Use pen tool for creating eyelashes and Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to make more. Place them nicely around the eyes. After creating all Group (Ctrl+G) them together.

Step-7: Use Pen tool to create the eyebrow. After creating the eyebrow, again group it with the previous eye shape.

Step-8: Create a duplicate of the whole group of shape using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V or Ctrl+F and then select object>transform>reflect to create the left eye.

Step-7: Simply move from the previous position using the left arrow key, and hurray! we make the nice pair of eyes!