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Step by step installation process for WAMP Server

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WAMP is a well-known software to turn your PC into an Offline server where you can work with PHP, WordPress and more CMS. Before Starting a quick installation process, make sure to quite the skype and other software that use port: 80. Now you can install the WAMP server in your PC according to the following steps.

Step-1: Download WAMP server from here:

Step-2: After complete downloading, install the WAMP server by double clicking on the icon. It will take some steps to get started.

Step-3: Now, look at the task bar area where the clock appeared. Normally, the WAMP icon color is orange. However, when you put it online, it turned into green. Let’s see the video for live example:




Introduction of PHP

Do you ever wonder how a WordPress theme can render 100 even 1000 of pages in the same manner? Yeah, it is just possible for the server scripting language such as php, which is equivalent to Microsoft’s PHP is a programming language which also follows the ..if…endif, while…endwhile, else…elseif keywords respectively and works as