Facebook promotes offline feature for slow connection Android users

Facebook constantly testing and improving offline feature for android user’s who use facebook from a spotty connection. It’s a part of their android apps development process to give rural user’s a smooth experience to browse their website. So, the users can’t notify about the interrupt of network connection.

This improvement is mostly affected to the android user’s of the developing countries, who use facebook from a slow connection. The authority of the company said that they are now work and testing a newsfeed for offline mode for android devices. So, the user’s can be able to update their newsfeed instantly in offline mode and the app will keep the data as a draft to post later when the device gets connection. Facebook use caching mechanism for their new apps. However, the cached version of this apps also showing  relatively without network connection error, when a user scroll to see the newsfeed from their friends. The apps allow user’s to give like and comment instantly in offline mode and it will be posted whenever the connection gets in touch. User’s also able to share a post or send message without a connection in the same manner. Facebook has been tested it for limited user’s who face bad connection in the east, but this update will roll-over for all type of user’s in next few months. So, the user’s in developed countries also get benefits from it when they face bad connection for whether and crowded place. For this test facebook chooses the growing user base in Asia. Because most of them are entering in facebook from a slow connection and android device. The company said that, peoples are constantly boosted from Asian markets, and most of them using internet as a 2G standard connection, that interrupt their usage. fb1 Facebook has more than a billion user’s now. A recent graph of facebook user’s is showing that they have constantly growing their market in Asia pacific that is more than Europe and any other area of the world. So, their best growing market is East Asia. Most of them are coming from the developing country such as Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. In September, facebook noted 80% growth in Indonesia and 46% growth in Philippine, who actively use facebook over the month. Facebook now mostly focus to make their user experience smooth and better for the growing market. Before this update, the company describes a process about how caching mechanism can make the better user experience for slow connection in their recent blog post. The workflow of development also works on an open source project named “Network Connection Class” to allow the app detect about user connection quality and adjust the newsfeed caching according to it. In January of 2016, Facebook going to launch the lightweight version of their full app named “Facebook Lite” that allows user’s to cache the news feed and update in offline mode. They primarily aiming eight countries, such as South Africa, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Bangladesh and Nigeria to roll out their new apps.

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