How to fix old and auto-generated contents

According to the webmaster central blog of Google, they are looking for 200 factor’s to rank a website. Besides the keywords and other facts, Google is now focusing on readable, useful and quality contents to rank in upper position.

So, it is important to comb auto-generated, old and outdated contents from a website to rank well or recover from a penalty. Before going to the practical fixing phase, let’s we move on the analytic phase to fixing auto-generated contents.

What is an auto-generate content?

It’s a big question that, what’s make a content auto generated. If you check Google webmaster guidelines, you will see how they define auto generated content’s.

Automatically generated content

See the full list of quality guideline from here:
Text translated by automatic tools and process

Every Author gives priority to their native language. We learn to talk, write and think using our mother tongue. Nothing can help us to express and understand a topic without our mother language. That is why, many author’s and blogger’s use translation techniques to write on a different language.

Usually, they use automated translation software to convert their writing into another language. Google forbids to publish automatically translated contents. Because, translation software translate a document word by word, that is hard to read.

Now, Google can easily detect automated translated content, that published without editing or human review. However, there are a plenty of difference between languages to language.

An automated translation software can’t detect the tone, accent, and meanings of two different languages. Sometimes, much grammatical error’s exists in the automated translated copy. So, it is important to curate by an expert native editor before publishing it.

Content produced by an automated software:

Automated content creation techniques are widely used in the past to achieve search ranking. Some software allows you to use a specific number of keyword for your content to get better ranking.

This technique’s are compare with Markov’s chain. Here’s you will get a better explanation of how Markov’s chain works:

Marcov Chaining Model
Markov Chaining model makes a false keyword density by using a keyword many times in a document.

For example: If you know that A is B then B is A. So, it is very easy to prove the A as like as B because A consists the same value of B. However if you know…….. 🙂 (Contents are going on)

These content’s are usually use two types of text. One thin description for human user’s, and another one for the search engine to make it fool by placing many keywords at the top and bottom of the contents. You will hear the pronounce of the keyword rhythmically but, it does not make any sense.

So, what’s about borrowing an idea?

In the creative world, nobody claims that they don’t ever borrowing or get inspiration from another source. It can come from a same minded people or similar topics or nature. Creative people’s looks for the creativity of others to get inspiration and make something new.

From this perspective, borrowing an idea is not bad, if you know the topics well and describes more clearly. So, it is not bad to research and analyze some articles and come up with your own idea to make a new one. But DON’T SPIN word by word, sentence by sentence, you can get penalize for this.

Text produced from Search result or RSS/Atom feed:

Some software fetching search result or RSS feeds from various sources. And make a new content from them. But this type of content brings no meanings to the users. And, considered as a plagiarized or duplicate contents.

Unlike any other quality factor, Google forbids copied content. They are also well equipped to find similar content from various sites. To avoid this, you can use some plagiarism checker tools to fix whether unique or not.

Sometimes, handwritten words also caught for plagiarism. Because, some similar website’s use the same phrase in earlier time. So, it is a good invest to detect the plagiarized or near similar contents from your website and correct them.

Take your creativity on the fly

You can easily describe an old topic by a new accent. If you know that, what you are going to say. If you add some humor sense to a hard and rough topics, it can easily turn into a clear piece of writing. It does not matter which word you use to explain a topic if your audience understands the meanings. So, take advantage from your creativity to fly.

Cut the piece of contents and stitching them by a neat way:

The proverb say’s that, “Cut your coat according to your cloth”. I just going to make it a slightly different, “Create your contents according to your thought”.

If you have not enough thought to create unique contents, earn more. Until it enough to write a good, readable content. But don’t make content by borrowing some writings from here and there.

Because, at the end of the day. this type of contents remains useless. No matter, how much struggle you put to make the content, it is nothing but a stitched version of different color fabric.

Do you like to wear this type of coat that looks wired for separate color sleeves and body? Obviously, “No”. Because, it turned you into a joker within minute. ” I don’t even think to wear it in my home alone, ugh.” 🙂

So, why do you think to prepare this type of content’s for your blog? Don’t sit down and write, until you come up with a better idea or understand a topic clearly. You may ask this question, “How Google can decide that I was borrowed a piece of content from other resources?”

Well, Google can identify the duplicate, synonymize, auto-translated or scraped contents. So, it is no matter to find out and detect the tailored and stitched content’s too. If you add enough value to prepare a new content. And cited the key sources. Then, Google will consider the content for ranking.

Old and outdated contents:

Google does not give the priority to the content that use old and outdated data. No matter how finely written it. To pass this issue, it is necessary to consistently check the content and data. And, ensure to provide most updated contents that bring value to the users.

How to fix old content: Before fixing up the old content, make sure about the old content types. It could be an expired product, event or another page that does not bring value to your readers or customers. You can either delete, edit or modified them to keep your reader up to date with fresh content.

Managing content quality is not a machine-wise work. You have to put the detailed focus, in-depth analyzing and a plenty of effort to keep your website up to date. And, ensure the delivery of fresh, valuable contents to your readers according to the quality guideline of Google.

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