How to Create a Custom view in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a convenient tool to measuring your log posts activity and performance. Though it’s a little bit tricky, but still it’s easy to use and customize. Here we are going to describe how you can create a custom view and filter in Google Analytics to measuring your data more accurately. So, let’s get started:

Step 1: Go to your analytics Admin Area and choose “Create a new view.” Now you can give a name to the newly created view and Scroll down to set the timezone and save it.

Google Analytic Admin Area

This button will redirect you to the following page, where you can give a name for your view.

Create new view

Now, you can set the view type for Website or Mobile app and give a perfect name to you reporting view and set 25 views under a property. Set the Time zone and hit the “Create view” button.

Select Master view again

Now, again go to the Admin area and select the “Master view” from the drop-down menu. And click on the “Add Filter” button.

Add filter button

After clicking on the “Add Filter” button, set your desired filter. Select Exclude radio button and from the Filter field and select “IP Address”.

Exclude select field IP Address

In this filter you’re going to exclude your own IP address from Google Analytics. To finding your IP address go to the “Google Search” and search with “what is my IP” keyword. You will get your current IP address.

What is My IP

Now, Enter the IP address in the correct field and scroll down to save this filter.

Enter IP and Save

And you are done. A new filter applied to your “Master view” that takes up to 24 hours to effect. Once your new effects are applied, you will see the custom view of Google Analytics.

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