12 social media practice that annoying your friends on Facebook

The main goal of Facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social media platform is make it easy for the peoples to connecting with their family, friends and same minded peoples, who is likely related with their jobs or other interests.

However, some  practices of these platforms can make your social media experience annoying and unwelcoming for you and your friends both.

People who make a noise in the social media is most likely a very new person or the people who always seeking for the popularity or just a spammer.

Here we pointed up some worst practices that are frequently made by a lot of Facebook user’s and annoy peoples.

Photo tagging: Photo tagging is not bad, if this photo is related with the people who is tagged in it. But, if you see that you are tagged in a photo that is neither related to you nor bring some value to your interest, how do you feel then?

Moreover, you get the notification for every time when someone commenting or replying to the post. I don’t know about others, but from my perspective it’s really annoying. I don’t like to get a lot of notifications for unrelated matters.

To avoid this, you can un-tag yourself from the post or keep your tagging feature under your own review. So, it will not appears on your timeline until you approve it.

Facebook gives you a full control on your privacy and sharing contents. So, you can utilize these settings to control which photo you’d like to tag or not. Go to your Facebook page settings and click on the Timeline and Tagging features. Turn on Facebook review. That’s really simple!

Unknown Friend request and Friend suggestion: Some people’s make new friends using fake id for marketing or creating a troll for specific purposes. Some people use fake id to make new friends and want to become familiar and popular in Facebook by this way.

That is why, they send huge amount of friend request to other people’s in their circle and accept friend request from totally unknown person. They did this type of activities and thinks that, it will make them popular and familiar to others.

However, Facebook restricted this type of activity and if their security system can detect, they often flag these type of accounts. But maximum users of Facebook are mostly like to accept new friend request, even don’t knowing them at all. If people consistently accept unknown and non-related friend requests it’s blurred the actual reason to identify them.

Remember that, when you accept friend request from a unknown person, you are actually give them permission to monitor your Facebook activities, interests, and other privacy concern. Unfortunately, if your private details (such as your location, credit card no) are going to the wrong hand, you may suffer for the long run.

So, beware about the unknown friend request and friend suggestion and don’t forget to mark these type of request as spam. Because, you even don’t know who wants to mess with you or use your personal details in a wrong way. So, it’s an early concern to be aware about this.

Luckily, Facebook has a great option to control the unwanted and non-related friend suggestion and friend request. So, anyone can use these option to put a limitation on the friend request and suggestions that they got.

Sending Group message: Some people usually send message by adding a lot of people in a chat room. This is great for your friend circle. But what do you think if someone pull you to attending on a unrelated conversation that is neither related with your interest nor related with someone you know.

This type of massage are annoying and people hate to get notification from unknown people and for unrelated matters.

If you get this type of message, you can leave the conversation or report it immediately from massage options.

Get call from unknown people’s: Facebook has a great free calling feature for friends and family. That means you can easily hang out or talking with your friends and family without spending extra money.

But sometimes you can get call from unknown people’s, if you add them to your friends list without confirming their identity. Moreover, hacker’s can find your location and IP address using some simple method by call you to attend this type of calls or conversation. If you got this type of call it is best to avoid it or you can ask them why they want to talk with you via Facebook private massage.

Track someone’s activity and harassing them: One of worst threat for adding unknown people’s to your friend list is they can easily track your activity or harassing you.

They can also learn about your location or get idea about your family and other private things, if you don’t configure the privacy accurately. If you use Facebook from android device and turn your GPS on, any people’s can learn about your current location. Because Facebook massanger have some features that can allow your friends to see your location.

Ask for vote or like: Some People often ask to vote something or like a page or post. It’s looks innocent but make bother to other people’s if they are not interested in your topics.

Yah, Facebook make it easier to connect with any people’s but don’t beg for vote or like from others. Instead of it, put your effort to create a like-worthy useful or entertaining post that get maximum like or win the heart of your followers.

Sending games or app request: Facebook is well known for many interesting games and apps. You can send a games or app request to your friends who like to play. However, sometimes people send too much app or games request for some extra point to their friends.

Some people loves games and some people don’t love to play games at all. When you send too much games or app request to other peoples, they can feel bother and leave you. So keep this matter on your mind, when you sending games or app request. Some people don’t like it, and they just think you’re nothing but a time waster.

Send invite for like a page: If you got invitation from a friend to like his/her page, be sure to check it first. Whoever like to see a lot of post in their timeline, instead of the nearest friends and family. Don’t like the page that is neither interesting nor bring some value to your interests or beneficent you.

Some people make fan page about popular topics to increase the like and vote and then simply sell it to the other parties. So, beware about this what you’re going to like and follow.

Sending message with spam or suspicious link: In the second decade’s of twentieth century, the age of e-currency is begin to rule over the market. Beside this success, hacker’s are also active to hack personal data from a device.

They can compromise your device by installing bugs and steal your valuable data such as credit card number, security pin etc. It’s just a matter of time for a skilled hacker.

Unlike other social platform hacker’s are also very active in Facebook. They usually send spam links that automatically install a software or virus to monitor your device and digging the confidential data.

If you see such kind of massage that is contains suspicious links, immediately report the profile for your safety. Don’t click on the suspicious links. It can damage your device or steal valuable information from it.

Posting Content or news without confirming from the trustworthy source: Some People use Facebook for propaganda and raising a storm against something. Social media can do a big favor for helpless people and raising voice against oppression and other injustice, but don’t spread a news or content on social media until get the confirmation from a trusted source.

Sometimes people use contents to raise the propaganda for something that is stands on pure lie. So, if you see that someone trying to get attention by posting this type of contents, it is better to avoid them.

“A lier can make the nearer things far and the far things to near”. So when you post this type of contents, you just help a lier to spread a wrong statement.

Send message for buying or selling goods: Using Facebook for business purpose is not bad. Many big and small business owner’s are usually use Facebook to market their products and business. People’s create a lot of groups for buying or selling goods.

And if you really want to reach to your audience, you can use Facebook ad system and pin-point to your audience to market your product.

Although, some people use Facebook to buying or selling goods and send mass-massage to the people’s to instigate them for buying a product. This type of activity is not help people’s unless bother them.

Adding People’s to a group without their permission: Some people invest their time to making new community, adding a lot of people’s to these community and group and create a big mess. I personally don’t like groups that is full with random shit and other posts that make no sense or bring no value to me. So, be sure to the person’s interest before adding them to a group.

Whether you have a lot of fans, followers or not, it is your first task to make sure about their interest and what’s delight them. If you fail to figure out the key attraction or interest, you will not become successful for your campaign.

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